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Artist Statement

Nature is the essence of my inspiration. I’m intrigued with the mystery and complexity of the organic world, which fuels my desire to create. Many childhood hours were spent happily discovering the secrets of wild places. My pieces reflect this curiosity entwined with the “abstract architecture” present in the subject and the emotion evoked within me. Shadow and sunlight patterns, landscapes on hazy mornings, tangled masses of branches and leaves forming abstract designs, flower petals, meandering creeks, intricate shells, sun-bleached bones, rocks…many things move me to paint. My technique is called Transparent Watercolor. No opaque mediums are used. The white areas visible are the actual paper peeking through. Each painting starts with a carefully drawn sketch and value study. I then transfer the completed sketch to 140 or 300 lb D’Arches watercolor paper. Working lightest to darkest, colors are floated onto a wet surface. This process produces wonderfully complex and luminous color. Many paintings will have 20 or more layers upon completion. I’ve wanted to push the intensity of watercolor beyond what traditionally comes to mind when one thinks of this medium. This pursuit has led me to discover how to layer and mix each pigment successfully in order to achieve rich, vibrant color while still maintaining the luminosity. Pigments, like people, have unique personalities. Some behave quite badly when combined in certain mixes resulting in dull, muddy color (this is especially true in watercolor). The “why” behind this intrigued me. It’s been a fascinating journey discovering the alchemy of color as I use it to help communicate peace and beauty.

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